Beauty Industry

Aqua Dyeing

KYMO Aqua Head Spa Service before
and after coloring hair!

Completely remove residual chemicals from the scalp and hair
and reduce the time for emulsion cleansing by half.
Beneficial both for the hairdresser and the customer!
Note) Residual chemicals : Carcinogens such as oxidizing hair dye,
benzidine, etc., and poisonous acid drugs

- Give the KYMO Aqu a Head Spa service before coloring hair.
It helps to emphasize color tones.

- Give the KYMO Aqua Head Spa service after coloring hair.
It helps to produce natural reflective light after coloring.

- Remove itchiness and prevent hair damage by removing
per-oxide of hairdye from scalp and pores

Aqua Hair Perm

A perm + KYMO Aqua Head Spa !

- Remove residual alkaline ammonia stuck on the hair after a perm for the healthy hair.

- With the KYMO Aqua Head Spa service after a shampoo, its water pressure acupuncture function with anion water keeps the cuticle structure stable by providing moisture and makes the hair shinier and healthier.

- With the KYMO Aqua Head Spa service along with a
setting-perm, the hair volume comes back with residual
ammonia removed.
Even when applied after a perm, alkali ammonia is removed
giving a smooth feel.

Aqua Hair Restoration

Hair damage highly prone to static electricity keeps increasing due to disinfectants of tap water,
lime water, and environmental hormones caused by heavy metals in the air.
The purified anion water restores damaged hair with repeating pulsation on the hair.

Hair damage occurs by repeated colors and bleaches, perms,
residual chemicals from perms shampoos.
The KYMO Aqua Head Spa service at water pressure level 4 or 5
on the hair gets your hair to be healthy again.

KYMO Aqua Head Spa provides deep-cleansing by unclogging
scalp pores blocked by mental stress, residual chemicals from
perms and shampoos, and heavy metal fine dust.
In addition, it massages meridian points on the scalp and helps with good blood circulation for proper nutrition supply into scalp pores. Therefore, it is being used in specialized hospitals for hair loss prevention and hair growth.

KYMO Aqua Head Spa removes dandruff and sebum absorbed
on the scalp and bacteria such as worms in hair follicles,
so italso removes odors by continuing hair cleaning and removing
demodex-worms in hair follicles for the elderly.

Aqua Acupuncture Scalp Massage

Hydraulic-acupuncture scalp massage helps to prevent aging, relieve stress, have a good night’s sleep, relax, relieve heat sensation, lift the face,
promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, relieve a headache, relieve vision disorders, prevent gum disease and brain bleeding.

- When focusing on parts of the scalp near the left and right ears, the lifting effect for wrinkle removal and anti-aging is excellent,
and when focusing on the part recessed in the middle of the back neck and the parietal area, it helps activate "brain-nerve"
and smooth the endocrine of the kidneys”. In addition, it helps relieve headaches and keep eyes and ears clear.

- Anyone can safely enjoy the benefits of the high pressured water acupuncture of KYMO Aqua Head Spa and it is easy to use.
Operate slowly in the direction of the flow of the meridian points.

두피의 좌와 우측 귀 부분을 집중할 경우, 주름제거와
Anti-Aging을 위한 리프팅 효과가 뛰어나며, 아문(뒷 목부분
가운데 움푹하게 들어간 곳)과 백회(정수리) 부분을 집중하면,
“뇌-신경” 활성과 “신장의 내분비 원활”을 도와드립니다.
이밖에 두통해소, 눈과 귀의 맑아짐을 경험하십니다.
Anyone can safely enjoy the benefits of the water
pres-sure acupuncture of KYMO Aqua Head Spa and
it is easy to use. Operate slowly in the direction of
the flow of the meridian points.

All leading to creating more regular customers in your salon!

Scalp Massage with water pressure
acupuncture relieving stress of clients,
which makes them addicted to it.

Unclog & deep clean scalp pores washing off
dandruff, sebum, dead cells, and
chemicals on the scalp and hair.

Restore damaged hair of the clients with
anion water generated from KAHSA
restoring cuticle layer of the hair.