Use for the

Use for the Elderly


Senior Aqua Head Spa

Cleanse Hair & Scalp

KYMO Senior Aqua Head Spa easily removes sebum, odor,
dandruff, and dead cells stuck on the scalp and hair of the
elderly with high pressured water jets and helps keep hair clean
for 3~4 days with the lasting feeling of refreshment.

Remove Itchiness &

KYMO Senior Aqua Head Spa removes bacteria
such as demodex and itchiness on the scalp of
the elderly who can’t shampoo hair often with
limited mobility, and removes odor from the hair
and scalp.

Scalp Massage for the Elderly

High pressured water jets (Step 1~5) for the effects of oriental
acupuncture can safely stimulate acupuncture points on the
scalp and improve the flow of meridians, helping with brain
blood circulation, stress relief, psychological stability and sound
sleep. They also help remove ringing in the ears, improve the
clearness of eyes, and prevent brain hemorrhage.